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Club Spotlight: The Life Club

Integrated in our Ursuline identity is the belief that all life on Earth is sacred. As thinkers, leaders, nurturers, and profits we are inspired each and every day to advocate for the voiceless, while protecting and respecting all forms of life. The Life Club here at Saint Ursula Academy is one of the most important and influential organizations you can be a part of on campus to uphold these ideals. In an effort to put our faith in action, the Life Club has a mission- “to promote, respect, and cherish life in its entirety and to empower others to do the same.”

The moderator of this club is our Campus Minister and president of Ursuline identity, Mrs. Brunsman. She is extremely excited to be a part of this growing effort and wants everyone to understand the opportunities that lie within this club. She says, “The Life Club is open to all SUA students who are passionate about pro-life topics and issues” and the only requirements are to “attend meetings, and participate in activities and discussions.”

With all of these amazing happenings, the Life Club has many goals that go hand in hand with these different activities. One student says some of the various goals are to “spread a positive message about pro-life ideas around SUA and make a difference in the surrounding community” so that everyone feels like they can have a place in the club no matter their grade level, background, or other factors. At an all girls school, the Life Club is also about “helping women to support women and heal when they find themselves in difficult situations.'' This idea is at the foundation of all that we do here at SUA. Finally, when current members of life club were asked what advice they would give to someone thinking about joining they said, “Don’t be afraid to join, it’s a lively group filled with passionate members who support each other and have great ideas.”

Though these are the minimum expectations, the Life Club offers a multitude of activities that students can participate in. The biggest and most exciting opportunity is a trip to Washington, DC, to experience the March for Life. The March for Life occurs in late January and is an annual rally to march for the dignity of all human life. Girls who have attended this trip before describe the experience as life changing. One says it is “a testimony to life. People from all walks of life come to stand for the vulnerable and voiceless - the unborn. However, it also celebrates all those who have chosen life and recognizes the light that each person brings to the world”. Another girl says it is “a lot of fun and you are surrounded by an environment who is with you which encourages you to stand even when the environment is against you.” If this trip is something that interests you, the Life Club is excited to welcome new members into the club for planning regarding the 2023 March for Life!

So, if you are looking for something impactful, or service oriented to join next year or begin to get involved in as the school year wraps up, the Life Club is growing and looking for members to help put into action all of the plans they have for the coming school year. If you have any questions at all about the Life Club contact Mrs. Brunsman.

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