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Club Spotlight: Ski Club!

As the temperature continues to drop and the colorful autumn leaves turn to crisp white snow, Saint Ursula girls look for exciting winter initiatives to get involved in. Ski club emerges as the obvious choice of activity to bring some adventure into the long, bleak Cincinnati season. Moderator Mrs. Burns, and club leaders Margo Corsig '23, Emily McLachlan '23, Anna Hamant '25, and Molly Fisher '25 are preparing to showcase the sport of skiing, and are excited for what this group has in store. I sat down with these passionate members of our community and we discussed all things skiing and everything that you need to know in order to participate in all the fun!

What is the main goal of your club?

We want to make skiing more accessible to students at Saint Ursula through our club discount, and encourage people to learn more about the sport! It’s super fun to try and we love to have skiers and snowboarders of all levels in the club. We also want to give back to the community, so we will be hosting a ski clothing swap with a local grade school this year (contact our leaders if you have coats/other winter clothing to donate!).

Does it cost money to be in your club?

No, it does not cost any money to be a part of the club! If you want to come with us when we go to Perfect North to ski, though, you will have to buy a ticket, but through Saint Ursula Ski club, you get a 30% discount until November! You can buy a season pass or just a day pass with our discount!

How many members do you have?

We have around 200 members.

Where do you do your skiing/how often?

Perfect North Slopes and 2-3 times per season on Sunday afternoons.

Can I still join?

Yes, to do so you can email one of the leaders and we will add you to the email list and schoology group.

What do you think is the most fun/exciting part of ski club?

We love being able to collaborate with other clubs in the area, and also get everyone out on the slopes! Skiing is a great way to burn off some of that mid-year stress and is a super fun winter activity overall! If you are new to the sport, though, it’s also very easy to learn and Perfect North offers free lessons for beginners so we love it when students can take advantage of those and find an activity that they may end up loving. Beyond our ski trips, we also think that our meetings can be super exciting, and we are looking forward to hosting some great activities this year (last year we did movie days with hot chocolate which were awesome!).

So, if you are looking into December, January, and February without seeing many events to look forward to, Ski Club may be the place for you. Another representation of the unique opportunity that exists at SUA, this community is ready to welcome you in with open arms and offer you another group of girls to build relationships. You will even gain a valuable life skill that you can use for many winters to come!

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