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Closing Memories

As the year comes to a close I chose to reflect on various student’s favorite memories from this year. Personally, my favorite memory was when the power went out and we all got to leave school early. I interviewed three other students to encourage them to reflect on their favorite memory.

Q: What is your favorite memory from this school year and why?

Molly Dorger '24: My favorite memory was our first pep when everyone dressed in togas. It was my favorite because it was fun dressing in togas and I had fun participating in GAA.

Elle Schuermann '24: My favorite memory was probably when an ice cream truck came to school for the sophomores because we won the penny war. I enjoyed this because we won and the ice cream was delicious!

Cackie Schwanekamp '25: My favorite memory was dressing in togas at the beginning of the year because it was very fun and I felt very welcomed as a freshman.

Abby Lockard '23: My favorite memory was when the aquadawgs won GGCLs because it was really exciting and we had so much team spirit.

Kelly O’Conner '24: My favorite memory was participating in OJCL events because we all had fun together and I love Latin.

In conclusion, this year was filled with many entertaining activities that created memories that will last a lifetime!

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