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Christmas on a Budget: Gifts Under $25

With the holiday coming around the corner, shopping for friends and family can quickly become costly. Below are my personal favorite gift ideas when shopping on a budget .

Lavender and Eucalyptus Candle (4.5 ounces), $10 Target

Found in your local Target, these candles come in many different scents, the lavender and eucalyptus one being my personal favorite. Candles are very versatile gifts for friends and family members while not breaking the bank.

LED Fairy Lights, $10 Target

String lights, also known as fairy lights are super great gifts for friends, especially for those looking to spice up their home.

BAGGU Big Reusable Tote Bag, $14 Urban Outfitters

This reusable bag, which comes in many different patterns and colors, is perfect for day to day trips to coffee shops, malls, parks, etc. and is one of the most usable items in my closet. In particular, this bag would be a great gift for any future college students who are looking for a light bag to carry around campus.

Coffee Beans, Coffee Emporium $17

For avid coffee lovers, I would highly recommend one of Coffee Emporium’s specialty coffee bags. Both their Hyde Park and their Over-the-Rhine locations sell different blends of coffee, including seasonal specials, which are great gifts for parents. In addition to their coffee, Coffee Emporium sells different blends of tea, hot chocolate kits, and mugs.

Zodiac Embroidered Journal, $18 Urban Outfitters

This simple gift is ideal for your friend or family member who loves astrology, drawing, and journaling. Its compact size makes it perfect to carry around with you to school, work, and wherever your heart desires!

Lash Slick, $18 Glossier

Mascara is a great gift for friends, with most brands costing under $20. In particular, Glossier’s Lash Slick is very long lasting and great for people who prefer a simpler mascara while still providing length and color to your lashes.

Weighted Plush Throw Pillow, $20 Target

This weighted stuffed animal comes as a dinosaur, cheetah, or unicorn and is an adorable stress reliever. Having previously gotten one of these as a gift myself, this is one of my favorite gifts and is very affordable when looking for friends and family.

Lomography Reloadable Camera, $21 Amazon

Reloadable or disposable cameras are a great way to memorialize the best times of your life. This particular camera is reusable, easy to use, and provides unique color filter options for the photos.

Counting down to Christmas, I hope this list is helpful when last minute holiday shopping for a perfect gift for your friend or family member.

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