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Bulldogs and Bombers: The First Crosstown Talent Show

The all-school emails have been sent and the announcements have been made; the Crosstown Talent Showdown is officially on the calendar. While it has always been sophomore student council’s job to organize the annual talent show, this year’s class is putting a new twist on this tradition by inviting none other than St. Xavier High School to join St. Ursula for a competition of remarkable talents. “This year is a lot more competitive and we are hoping to drum up spirit between both the schools!” says Dominique DiFalco, sophomore class co-president. And as if the promise of a male presence at school is not enough to draw an excited Bulldog audience this year, the winning school will get to donate the proceeds from the show to the charity of their choice and will, of course, acquire some bragging rights.

The idea to create a new tradition to build off the previous talent shows began early on in the year with sophomore student council meetings. “Events that generate a broader interest and incorporate new ideas are always welcome and successful. The job of future sophomore classes will be to keep it going, keep it fresh, and keep the new ideas flowing,” says Mr. Stickel, the sophomore class moderator, of the new spin on the classic talent show. Of course, to instill this new tradition in the St. Ursula culture, the sophomores must first prove that this year will be a success, something that depends on the whole student body. Dominique hopes “to get more people involved and to allow people to express their talent for a great cause”. She encourages anyone to audition for the show, which involves talents are varied as musical acts to scenes from a play to Irish Dance, and also points out that the audience members are just as important to the success of the show as the performers.

This year’s show will display this talent in a new, exciting light that will draw more people to its attendance. “I am excited to see where we come out with the involvement of St X. It can be a great new connection between our two schools and provide a unique social opportunity for our students with their students,” says Mr. Stickel. However, cooperation between different schools can prove to be a tricky path to maneuver, which Mr. Stickel also points out, saying that his “concern is not with our SUA leadership and involvement, but with St X. I hope they deliver with as much enthusiasm and passion as we have at SUA.” This means that instead of promoting the event to one school, St. Ursula girls are now faced with the responsibility of spreading the word to friends at St. X. However, through the Talent Showdown Twitter account, emails to both schools, and word of mouth, this task, although crucial to the success of the event, is definitely attainable.

While the Showdown may seem far-fetched or unfamiliar to upperclassmen, Mr. Stickel acknowledges that not much of the original purpose of the show has changed. “I see the goal as building on the success of previous years' Talent Shows in terms of SUA involvement and in terms of success in fundraising for charity. What is different for me this year is the new and exciting ways we are involving our students and students at other schools and generating more enthusiasm. The strategies this year are broader and more encompassing.” With the promise of a new experience and the credibility of original goals, the first Crosstown Talent Showdown will hopefully not only display incredible talent of Bulldogs and Bombers alike, but will also be a way for both schools to show their boundless school spirit.

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