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Best Cincinnati Parks

As the seasons begin to transition from winter with cold and snowy weather to spring, you may be beginning to think about some fun outdoor activities to fill up some time. Cincinnati is such an amazing place to explore, as there are so many parks around the area. Below are some of my favorites!

Eden Park is located right by Saint Ursula in the Walnut Hills and Mt. Adams area. This park covers 186 acres and overlooks the Ohio River Valley. This park is extremely beautiful, featuring a fountain, gazebo, a garden, and so much more. This park is not only perfect for children, as it includes a playground, but also great for teens and adults wanting to hammock, go on a run, or get a good view of the river.

Bellevue Hill Park is near Clifton Heights on Ohio Avenue, consisting of 15 acres. This park opened in 1955 and is perched on a huge hill overlooking the entire city. Bellevue Hill Park is an amazing place to have a picnic with friends in the picnic area and watch the sunset or sunrise.

Smale Riverfront Park is located directly along the Ohio River off of Mehring Way Road. Not only does this park have a playground, but it also has running and biking trails, gardens, swing seats, and fountains to play in. This park is perfect for a relaxing morning or evening and is truly such a beautiful, calming place. My personal favorite thing to do at this park is either go on a run or read while watching the sunset.

Washington Park is located on Race and Elm Street in the Over the Rhine neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati. This park is so beautiful (especially at night) with a small bar and gazebo decked out in Christmas lights. Washington Park also holds a ton of events such as painting, flea markets, hosting small businesses, art shows, and so much more. It also features a colorful fountain right outside of Music Hall, a spacious dog park, a small concert venue, and playground.

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