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Be More (Body) Positive!

Did you know that being positive is scientifically proven to lead to a longer lifespan? That’s right, you could live from 11-15% longer having a positive outward attitude, but also an inner positive attitude as to how you view yourself as a whole - especially with your body. Kelly Powers, our Athletic Director here at SUA, recently shared her experiences within the SUA community. To add another view of those from our own student community.

How many accounts of people struggling with their self image have you encountered whether it was towards themselves or others?

There aren't a lot of outward encounters of people feeling insecure about themselves. I think you can moreso see it in their mannerisms. I haven’t heard a lot of students vocalizing insecurities here, however at the collegiate level, I’ve heard it more when I played sports myself.

Why do people tend to gain these thoughts?

Due to social media constantly showing unrealistic body images. And schools, specifically colleges, tend to use dietitians and scales - which can be a positive or a negative and cause people to try and reach a certain body fat percentage or weight (which can become obsessive), but can also show positive progress.

What could be some warning signs to look for within situations such as these?

High school is a huge time to develop confidence and self esteem and it’s definitely a tough age range to do that since there’s just so much judgment and competition at that age. So, we would hope that as young women go from year to year that they gain more confidence and we see that through them holding their heads higher and overall just being more confident within themselves.

How do you approach those who have these negative points of views of themselves or others?

Encouraging creating healthy habits early can help those to get into a healthier mindset.

How do you think we can make everyone more aware that they’re beautiful and accepted just the way they are - and feel more included, especially here at SUA?

Making everyone aware that it’s not realistic to compare yourself to others whose bodies may be Photoshopped or peers because everyone’s body is going to be different regardless; and just understanding what you can do to make yourself feel great being your best.”

How could you workout and eat healthy without it becoming too obsessive?

We are partnering with U.C. on education which could hopefully close that gap. But overall it is just truly educating yourself on your specific body type.

This article is intended to bring recognition to those here in the SUA community to know that this isn’t an issue that is only present in the outside world, but around you your whole life. If you are struggling with body images you should consider joining the MHA (Mental Health Alliance) here at SUA. This group is full of wonderful leaders and welcoming to all which may help you build you more confidence. Thank you for reading and remember to stay true to yourself!

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