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Advice to Your Freshman Self

Walking into SUA as a freshman is scary at first. It’s confusing, exciting, and an experience of a lifetime. Being at Ursula has taught me so much about myself and about others. I’ve learned more in 8 months than I have in 14 years. Even though I’ve had an amazing freshman year growing in many ways, there’s some things I wish I would have known before I came here.

So in honor of the seniors, I asked some of them to answer the question,“What advice would you give to your freshman self? Some advice to incoming freshmen?”

“Looking back at my last four years at Saint Ursula Academy, something I wish I would have taken advantage of was reaching out to more people. As a freshman it sometimes can feel like you’re outcast as the 'new one,' but you’re not the only new one, everyone wants to make friends too. Some of my closest and greatest bonds were made over the last two years of high school with people that I never would have even begun to imagine as being some of my best friends. Reach out to everyone and take risks because the next four years fly by faster than you can even imagine. Ursula is a magnet for fantastic people in every single grade that want to have as wonderful of an experience as you do. Never ever be afraid to reach out.” - Natalie Hubert

“My advice for incoming freshmen would be that it's okay if it is really hard at first and it might take time to adjust and that is okay. People are going to look like they are having the best time but they are probably feeling the same way as you are. Everyone is going through something that you probably have no idea about. It’s best to go in with an open mind for all things and to lean into the fun of high school (pep rallies aren’t going to be fun if you don’t want to have fun). It’s going to go by quicker than you think so enjoy every moment!” - Elizabeth Cho

“Maybe spend less time thinking about what others think about you. There's people who are deserving of your attention, and others who aren’t” - Momo Greenwell

“I would tell my freshman self to be herself and not compare myself to others so much. It’s so cliché but comparison is the thief of joy. Study, make friends, join a club, work hard at your sport because you want to and you want to get better for yourself. I look back and I was so anxious to be liked by everyone but that’s impossible. I spread myself out too thin trying to have lots of friendships. Have a few close friendships that genuinely care about you and develop those.” - Anna Mickol

“If I could give my freshman self advice it would be not to think so hard, don’t take everything so seriously. Everyone says it but be yourself, it’ll be so much easier to find who you are and want to become if you don’t worry about what others think. Kindness and an open mind take you further than you think. Don’t be too quick to judge yourself or others because the years go by too fast for that. And most of all, just try to relax and have fun! These years go by fast!” - Emily Lamping

“I would say the best advice I would give is to stay true to your core values when looking for a friend group. If you fake your personality to fit in, you are not allowing yourself to find your best friends. It is ok to be different, and it is definitely a learning curve when going into high school because there is this kind of scramble to make as many friends as possible. As it turns out, there are most certainly a lot of people who have the same hobbies or interests as you, so don't block yourself from making these connections. Focusing on this ensures you make authentic meaningful friendships, ones that you will cherish throughout the rest of your high school career!”- Ava Heffernan

What I've learned from these amazing role models, is to take advantage of every second and opportunity I have here at this school. I look up to each and every one of them knowing that they will continue to succeed once they graduate. Including Norah Spears, who is already being missed dearly, we will never forget you. Thank you to this school and these people for creating lifelong memories that we will treasure forever. As Frank Sinatra said, “The best is yet to come!”

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