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Spectrum: Acceptance is Key

Growing up and trying to figure out who you are can be difficult. Something most people ask themselves is “Am I gay?” In order to discover yourself, this is something you have to take time to find out. Many people are open about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, but it can be hard to feel seen. These days, people feel as if they can’t love who they want to, and are constantly being judged by outsiders. That's why in schools like SUA it's good to make sure people know they have a safe place, an opportunity like Spectrum!

In interviewing the club's leaders, Sophia Bates '23 and Remmy Goyette '23, I found out the many factors of joining this club. The club has many events like fundraisers, booths, and speakers to raise money for the club and school overall. This can help people have a look on gay youth and the importance of acceptance.

The leaders feel it's a very good opportunity for all students to express themselves. It's a safe space for students who may not always feel comfortable talking to friends, family, etc. That's why this club helps you meet other people who may have similar experiences and know what it's like. It's great knowing you have people to confide in, because they understand it more than others.

This club is a judgment-free place. You can love who you want to love, you can express your feelings, your issues and no one will ever make you feel embarrassed. You can join whenever you want to, and come whenever you want to. It shows allyship and support for other people. We all need to stick together and be one SUA community! “You can give all you want to give, and gain all you want to gain.”- Spectrum leaders, 2022.

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