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A Tribute to Ms. Catlin

After 5 wonderful years of being graced with the presence of Ms. Catlin, Saint Ursula Academy’s close relationship with her will transition into a long distance one starting this fall. Sarah Catlin, SUA’s Director of Admissions and Student Life Coordinator, has accepted a job at The White Mountain School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire as the Associate Director of Admissions, and will be moving there after completing her fifth and final year at Saint Ursula.

While the transition from a single sex school to a co-ed one will be strange enough, Ms. Catlin will be entering a community of only 125 students. Talk about downsizing. Ms. Catlin will have no problem being welcomed due to her strong sense of community and loving personality. She is a figure at our school who has an understanding of what it means to work as a team and as a result has played a large role in developing Saint Ursula Academy as a school and allowing the students to excel. The constant confidence that is portrayed by Ms. Catlin and her work ethic will be greatly missed here at SUA.

After having the opportunity to talk to Ms. Catlin about her experience at The Academy, there was an immediate understanding that not only does she care about her job, but she genuinely cares about the students she is preparing to send out into the world. Ms. Catlin explained that she loves to mentor students. Her favorite aspect of being part of the SUA community is anything that has to do with students and watching them grow. “The students are fantastic and I will really miss them,” she says. “What I want for SUA is for them to know that when we are all in it together, it is better.” She related this advice to the fact that it all comes down to the sisterhood that the students believe in. She will leave behind the thought that Ursula is a team sport within itself, and that “the best things here are the ones that everyone gets behind together.”

Ms. Catlin’s wisdom has touched the lives of many whether it is while doing her job, coaching, or teaching the pilot Academy Alum Capstone class. Whether she realizes it or not, many girls view her as a role model. One student in particular, Monica Glaescher ’14, has especially been affected. Monica is a four-year field hockey athlete who had the privilege to have Coach Catlin as a mentor and coach for three years on the varsity squad. Monica expressed nothing but compliments about her coach. “Coach came to practice every day with enthusiasm and excitement to make us better by not only focusing on our strengths, but by improving our individual weaknesses too. She taught me skills that I can use both on the field and off, and I have never been so grateful for that.” The best advice Ms. Catlin ever gave to Monica goes hand in hand with her goal to improve physical and mental strengths. “It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, as long as we played our hardest and competed to the best of our ability.” Monica continues, “She turned our field hockey team into a family who I could always rely on. Things will not be the same without her next year, and she will be missed so much!”

It is obvious that Ms. Catlin’s hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. In fact, the respect that she has earned from her fellow faculty members and students is one attribute that makes her stand out. Mrs. Dellecave works with Ms. Catlin every day and explains that is has been quite the pleasure to work with her for the past five years. “We have really worked well together as a team to put on fun events for prospective students and families, as well as to make sure that the admissions process ran smoothly and effectively. I will definitely miss her in the Admissions Office and it will not be the same without her!” When Mrs. Dellecave was asked about Ms. Catlin’s time here at SUA she said, “Ms. Catlin has been such a huge asset to St. Ursula Academy. Her support and dedication to our school has been amazing. She was involved in so many facets of SUA, and I don't know how she kept it all so organized!” Mrs. Catlin has successfully made her job look easy when in reality, that most likely is not the case, which is something only professionals can accomplish.

What is her secret to this overall success in confidence as a person and in her job? As a jock at heart, Ms. Catlin reminds the school that “You always have to sacrifice a little bit of self for the greater of the whole.” So as she continues to expand her achievements in New Hampshire, SUA will remember the legacy she has left behind, and every positive facet she has added to this school, and to the lives of many students. SUA’s fondness for Ms. Catlin will never die down because after all, distance does make the heart grow fonder, and with every mile she travels away from Cincinnati, it will only make us appreciate all that she has done for the Saint Ursula Academy community.

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