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A Quarter Filled With Emotions

The end of a quarter can bring on a plethora of emotions ranging from disappointment to happiness. For this article I asked two sophomores, Amelia Larsen, and Ella Whitefoot, and one freshman, Cackie Schwanekamp to reflect on their first quarter experience at a new school with a normal schedule which is new for the sophomores, by answering the following questions.

If you could use one word to describe how the first quarter went, what would that word be?

  • Amelia: Unexpected

  • Ella: Underachieving academically

  • Cackie: I would use the word exciting to describe the 1st quarter. I was so nervous yet excited going into freshman year and the same excitement was with me throughout the first couple of months. Just the thought of a brand new school with new people excited me going into it and I still feel like I’m getting used to it every day!

Did you do as well as you wanted to?

  • Amelia: Yes and no

  • Ella: No

  • Cackie: Yes, I did as well as I wanted to do. I worked hard and got straight A’s and I am really proud of myself!

What was your favorite memory?

  • Amelia: My favorite memory was being able to experience the real Ursula schedule and having an all school lunch.

  • Ella: The last day of the first quarter

  • Cackie: My favorite memory has to be the first day of school (I was so nervous) and when I immediately knew that SUA was the right place for me. I always feel overwhelmed by the love and kindness from everyone at SUA, I have loved every second of it!

What was your most challenging class?

  • Amelia: Honors Geometry

  • Ella: Church and sacraments

  • Cackie: My most challenging class would have to be math. Even though I don’t particularly struggle a lot with the class, it is different from how my old school taught. It has taken some getting used to but I think I have gotten the hang of it!

How has the 2nd quarter started off for you?

  • Amelia: The second quarter has started off really well for me.

  • Ella: Perfect

  • Cackie: The 2nd quarter has definitely been more challenging than the 1st but I think after a couple weeks, I will be able to handle the workload!

In conclusion, there are many emotions that encircle the end of all quarters, especially the first one due to the hardship of falling back into a routine.

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