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Donate! You Could Save a Life...

As many of you know, SUA’s annual blood drive is coming up in just a few days on February 13, 2020, and it’s not too late to think about donating.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to donate blood. For one, there is a great need for it -- every three seconds someone is in need of blood. Statistics also show that 25% or more of all people will need blood at least once in their lifetime, so donating yourself is a great way to give back. Additionally, many people find they have abnormal results when they donate blood, which allows them to be referred to their doctor for a follow up. Most importantly, up to three lives can be saved with just one blood donation. You could be very well saving a life if you choose to donate blood.

While giving blood is a good idea for some people, it might not be for others. Our school nurse, Ms. White explains, “Some disqualifications for donating blood are Hepatitis B or C virus infection at any age, certain forms of cancer, major surgery recently and released from doctor's care and weighing under 110 pounds.” If you are unsure or nervous about donating blood, you can talk to the Hoxworth Blood Center or stop by the nurse’s office.

Lauren Fletcher ‘20 donated blood for the first time last year at SUA’s blood drive. She admits, "I was a little nervous, but the people there were really nice. They made sure everyone was comfortable and provided snacks and drinks for the donors."

Lucy Nusekabel ‘21 will be donating at SUA’s blood drive for the first time this year. “I’m a little nervous, but I’m really excited to help people in need of blood,” she says.

Whether you have already donated blood in past years or this will be your first time, considering participating in this year’s blood drive at SUA. It’s for a great cause and you will be saving a life!

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