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Having Trouble Figuring out a New Years Resolution?

s we ring in the new year of 2020, many of us are looking for ways to make these 12 months the best! In order to do this, many people set New Year’s resolutions to help them achieve their goal. If you are having trouble figuring out ways to better yourself or making up your own intentions, look no further!

1. Do something nice for someone everyday! Have you ever woken up and just know your day is not off to a great start? What not a better way to cheer up yourself and someone else by doing something kind for someone! This could be holding the door open for someone, paying for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive through, or giving a compliment! Not only will it make someone’s day, but as a bonus, it may brighten up yours!

2. Make amends with someone. I’m sure everyone has someone they haven’t left on good terms or don’t talk to much anymore, so why not change that? Call this person and start a conversation to rekindle that relationship!

3. Drink more water. I always see people in the hall with their Hydro Flasks or water bottles, but think about how much you actually drink! We should be consuming half a gallon of water a day and beyond that would be even better! Drinking lots of fluids helps to clear skin, keep the bring healthy, and maintaining your body.

4. Clean! Living in a messy room or house in general can cause anxiety or stress, so clean it out this year! Become more organized in your everyday life and create habits in order to keep up with it. I recommend looking up organizing with Marie Kondo on YouTube, as she posts videos on how to stay organized!

5. Volunteer once a month. I think everyone understands that volunteering is so beneficial to the person you are helping and also yourself. It fills you with joy and compassion for others, as well as learning about those who are less fortunate. There are so many great opportunities for this within your school and community, so search up a nonprofit to assist in your free time! Some great organizations in the Cincinnati area are St. Vincent DePaul, Matthew 25 Ministries, Ronald McDonald House, and so much more.

6. Don’t buy things you don’t need. I’m sure we all buy material items we don’t end up using or throw away, so make it a priority to only buy things you need! Doing this could save you so much money and you could even make a jar with the cash you do save. With these saved funds, do something fun with your family and friends, such as going to a movie or eating at a restaurant you have never been to!

7. Thank someone. Most of the time, we don’t give enough credit to the people who help us in small ways, but affect us greatly. We may not even realize it, but take a minute to think about someone you haven’t told how much they mean to you. This could be a friend, your parents, a teacher, and so much more!

8. Do something that scares you. Now, I am not saying to have a heart attack in a haunted house, but think about something you have always wanted to do and haven’t let yourself follow through with! Skydiving is always a fun activity, but maybe try singing in front of someone, speaking at an assembly, or joining a club!

9. Stretch! Most of us are always hunched over either looking at our phones or doing homework on our computers, so take time in your day to really stretch, especially your shoulders! Maybe, you could even get a massage! Loosen up those muscles!

10. Develop a good relationship with your body. For their own resolutions, many people desire to become healthier, so they go on diets or go to the gym more, but instead, learn to love yourself first! This is especially important in developing confidence and your overall health! Try meditation when you get a chance or make positive affirmations about yourself in the morning!

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