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Don't Forget Winter Sports!

This past fall Saint Ursula sports had one of its most spirited seasons yet. The stands were consistently full of Bulldogs cheering for their friends and classmates as they ran, kicked, passed, and scored. But this energy has wavered with the transition into winter sports. I’m here to tell you what makes these sports just as amazing!

First, we’ll start with the aquadawgs. The swimmers follow a rigorous schedule that includes both dryland conditioning and in-water practices. The divers also practice weekly at the University of Cincinnati.

Junior Adreanna Oelrich, says that “swimming is an amazing sport because the hard work and daily practices not only give you an individual sense of accomplishment but more importantly an amazing group of teammates that become your close friends”. They frequently compete at the St. Xavier-Keating Natatorium so check your calendar and see if you’re available to come and support.

Ellie Vonderhaar '21 stresses the importance of how “knowing that there are people cheering for you during an event makes you swim harder and push for the win.”

Basketball is another high-energy sport that is a great experience. Junior Shamia Strayhorn states she enjoys playing basketball because “of the close friendships with [her] teammates.”

If you can’t attend a game, you can watch the games when they are live-streamed on the Saint Ursula website but nothing beats the lively atmosphere in the gym.

Last but not least, we have the bowling team composed of talented students from every grade. You can come to one of their home matches at Stone Lanes in Norwood or attend one closer to where you live.

As Gloria Mangold '21 says, “More people should come to bowling matches because it’s just like any other sport and we have very dedicated team members that put in a lot of time and practice.”

High spirits and cheering truly affect the game. It is a way for fans to show that they care about the game and those playing in it. GAA Board member Emma Grome '21 comments, “I think SUA really stepped up the school spirit during the fall sports season, and we need to continue to encourage our winter athletes because it inspires the teams to do their best.”

Having a loud student section usually makes our teams perform better so let’s help our Dawgs by attending their games and meets!


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