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What's Cookin' with Baking Club?

With over 65 clubs, Saint Ursula Academy’s extracurricular activities are numerous enough that any student has the ability to find an organization that expresses her passions and interests. Still, every year, SUA girls come up with ideas for clubs that have not yet been created. It can be difficult to start a club from scratch, but Jennifer Dillon ‘21 and Abigail Spencer ‘21 have undertaken the challenge this year and started their very own Baking Club.

According to Abigail Spencer, baking club’s inspiration came from her passion for baking that she shares with Jennifer Dillon. “Jennifer and I started Baking Club because we both shared a similar love for sweets.”

Co-leader Jennifer Dillon has been pleased with her club. “So far, it’s been really great. We have a solid group of about 20 girls who come to each meeting.”

Members of Baking Club have also thoroughly enjoyed their time so far in the organization. A typical meeting involves decorating pre-baked goods, and the members like to compete for the best decorated item. Emma Perera ‘21 says that “it’s a great way to have some fun with your friends and learn new baking skills”.

All in all, baking club has been a big hit this year, and they are looking forward to an even better second year.

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