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Teacher Feature: Ms. Griffiths

At Saint Ursula Academy, one of the most important influences and inspirations in the students’ lives are the teachers. Regardless of the students’ opinion of the teacher or the class, they always leave us with multiple lessons that last a lifetime. They show us how to succeed, how to improve, how to fail, and how to grow. We rely on them, and we trust them to make us better students and better people.

Recently, a new science teacher, Ms. Griffiths, has been making an impact on her students after joining the Saint Ursula faculty this year. Ms. Griffiths teaches Biology, Forensics, and Biotechnology. According to her, choosing to teach at SUA was an easy decision because of how naturally it fit into her previous experiences. “I went to an all-girls school here in Cincinnati, so I already knew the environment would be similar to what I had in high school.” Being a science teacher also meant that she would be following her interests. “I’ve always had a passion for science, and after coaching high school lacrosse for a few years, I realized I needed a career that combined both my love for science and working with high school aged students.”

According to Ms. Griffiths, working at SUA has been a rewarding experience. “It has been a lot of work this first year being a teacher! However, it has made me a happier person and I enjoy what I am doing. All of the classes I have taught have been full of fun, energetic, smart girls that have made me a better person.”

Ms. Griffiths is also well-liked by SUA students; Deirdre Carroll ‘21 had only positive comments on her Forensics class. “Ms. Griffiths was a very thoughtful and passionate teacher. She spent lots of time preparing for each class and was always happy to answer questions.”

Kelsey Mangold ‘21 agreed, adding that she thought “Ms. Griffiths was a great teacher who knew a lot about the subject. It was cool to see how passionate she was in our biology class. She was super kind and really cared about us. She also made sure we could talk to her about anything, school related or not.”

Despite only teaching for a year, Ms. Griffiths has already made an impact, and SUA is excited to see what more she will do.

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