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  • Writer's pictureADRIANNA DZIADKOWIEC '19

Self Defense Keychains

The theme of this year’s annual Tech Olympics showcase is Level Up. For our project we chose to "level up" in self-defense and design 3D-printed self-defense devices. After researching the most effective type of self-defense tool, we decided on a keychain that can be worn on two fingers with sharp edges that can be used as a weapon. This project is a unique combination of one of today’s most applicable areas of engineering, additive manufacturing, with an equally applicable greater cause, self-defense for women.

This year’s Interalliance Club found a way to use technology to help improve and raise awareness for social justice, all while making it personal to us and representing our school and other attractions in Cincinnati. Our school mascot, the bulldog, was designed, printed, and assembled for the look of the keychain thanks to the members of our club (Lilly Stark, Olivia Egbers, Arianna Dziadkowiec, Carly Bisher, Maggie Mullaney, Julia Lucas, Lindsey Weber, and Olivia DeStefano). The club also gathered statistics from the local community by sending a survey to students about their safety around the Tri-State area. This project provides a powerful solution to the real world problem of assault. Having a tool to fight for your life, a friend's life, or even a stranger's life is a necessity. By providing self defense tools for local students and faculty, the club is enabling people to protect themselves and provide a source of self-reliance and security that will strengthen our Cincinnati community. Having a good knowledge of self-defense can build confidence in men and women because, when they are given the tools to defend themselves, they have a greater sense of self-worth. Through learning these skills, both women and men learn their value and live a life that is worth fighting for.

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