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Advice on Motivation Second Semester

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey asking for questions, here is one of the submissions that felt particularly relevant for the Ursula community this semester.

How do I stay motivated in school during second semester, especially with senioritis?

In response to this question, it is definitely not easy to stay out of the trap of losing focus in school the closer summer gets, but it is important to finish the year strong. Classes do not become less important later in the final semester, so it is not a productive mindset to simply write them off when you want the school year to be over. This is particularly difficult for seniors that have already been accepted into their college of choice, but it is important to note that your college will request your final transcript; this means that they can revoke admission if your grades drop off, so finish out your “Ursula career” on a high note. This does not mean checking PowerSchool obsessively, but don’t sleep in every day and lose those completion points from not doing homework.

The easiest ways to avoid the slippery slope of senioritis are actually simple and totally doable.

  1. Go to class: If you are present in class, there is a significantly higher chance of success when tests and final exams roll around. You have been going to class for three and a half years, so why not do the same for three and a half more months!

  2. Do your homework: In most classes, homework is usually based on some type of completion criteria, so don’t lose points that will help buffer your grade. You will be thankful for this pillow if you don’t have the motivation to study for a test and need those points to keep your grade from dropping.

  3. Have fun and take breaks: The end of the year, especially senior year, is meant to be a fun time, so don’t forget that! It’s encouraged by researchers to take short breaks every thirty minutes -- just don’t let that 5-minute break become three hours long. Get your homework and studying done right after school so that you can hang out with your friends on school nights!

If the title senioritis is not applicable, and you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior wishing for summer just as badly, these same tips can work for you, too! You have some more time until you are done with high school, so it’s not optimal to lose motivation just yet. Colleges will look at grades and GPAs, which can be intimidating, but this also serves as a great motivator to give your all in classes. To reiterate, this does not mean over-stressing about grades, so don’t get too swallowed up in letters and numbers during your time at Ursula! However, use the tools available to you to be the most successful that you can be while here.

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