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Fun in the… Snow!

The months of January and February may bring frigid temperatures and icy roads, but the frightful weather also provides one beacon of hope: the possibility of snow.

Snow! It provides opportunities for play and relaxation amid the harshness of winter. Hard-working students pray for its arrival, so that they may receive a well-deserved day off of school.

At Saint Ursula Academy, girls excitedly await the coming of snow, and they are prepared to enjoy the winter weather in many ways. They expressed their favorite snow activities in a poll sent out earlier this month.

Of nearly three hundred students surveyed, about a fifth indicated that they prefer to stay inside, with many specifying that they use the cold weather as an opportunity to get some extra hours of sleep. One-third voted for sledding over other choices, and another 31% chose skiing, snowboarding, or tubing.

Smaller numbers of girls enjoy building snowmen, having snowball fights, and simply admiring the beauty of nature in winter. Four students added eating snow as their favorite activity.

With these plans in mind, the students of SUA look forward to the days of snow that hopefully lie ahead.

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