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  • Writer's pictureSOPHIA GARCIA '21

Time to Celebrate the Holidays!

Almost every student and teacher can relate when it comes to school: the holidays are a great way to get days off from the heavy workload. We Bulldogs love to celebrate the holidays -- especially Christmas, Halloween, and even Saint Patrick’s Day. But some holidays are more popular than others, especially taking into account the many different opinions from SUA students. Perhaps it has to do with how big the holiday is, and how much meaning that holiday has to the people who celebrate it.

Recently we emailed students, asking what holiday is their favorite, and the results are in. At least 76% of the 347 students polled think that Christmas is indeed the best holiday to celebrate. 8.3% of students think that Thanksgiving is the best holiday, while 7.7% of students think that Halloween is the best.

Christmas, which is coming up, is clearly the best holiday to celebrate, according to SUA! When students think of Christmas, they think of the relaxing and fun times they get to spend with their loved ones. Take it from sophomore, Emily Schuermann, who explains that Christmas is her favorite holiday because “it’s like everyone is putting all their stress to the side just to celebrate and be together.” Three-fourths of the school agrees.

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