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Texting with Tone

Texting is a convenient way to stay in contact with just about anyone, and because of this it is a common activity within most age groups. Teenagers especially are known for their constant communicating via cell phone, sending an average of over 3,000 texts each month.

There are many strategies teens use to convey the emotions behind their texts. While adults may stick to traditional grammar and spelling rules, younger age groups tend to adjust their texting style to show the tone in which they would say their words aloud.

Many associate strict punctuation use with curt speech and an argumentative or frustrated tone:

On the other hand, lesser use of punctuation, capitalization, and spelling accuracy conveys a more relaxed tone of flowing conversation:

When excited, teenagers may use exclamation points and capitalization excessively to represent their energy:

Do you do any of these things? Consider what other texting techniques you may use to imply tone -- you may even use some without noticing!

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