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Your Questions: Answered

You may have submitted a response to a survey from a few weeks ago asking you for any questions about SUA's many new (and old) policies. After this interview, I learned how influential the student body is in making decisions like these. If you have suggestions or concerns, do not be afraid to take them to the higher-ups. A lot of the changes around campus come from students like you! Ms. Meyer and I had many conversations about current school policies, and are working along with other students now to discuss even more new changes.

1. Some other schools have exemption policies in place for exams (say, a 90% in the class grants exam exemption), so why do we not?

Currently, seniors may be exempt from their term 4 exam of a semester long, 2nd semester class if their current semester and term 4 average are both at least a 90%. However, Ms. Meyer is open to discussing changing this policy to include all students if students believe this would be beneficial to them.

2. How are GPAs calculated and weighted, and what is the real significance of it? Is it a good gauge of academic success?

Calculating GPA/Honor Roll:

Column A: Column B: Column C:

numeric point credit earned product of A and B

equivalent (CP, H, AP) sem course = 1

quarter course = .5

skinny/PE = .25

Then, take the sum of Column C and divide by the sum of Column B.

Grade Point: College Prep Honors AP/CCP

97-100 4.33 4.83 5.33

93-96 4.00 4.50 5.00

90-92 3.67 4.17 4.67

87-89 3.34 3.84 4.34

83-86 3.00 3.50 4.00

80-82 2.67 3.17 3.67

77-79 2.34 2.84 3.34

73-76 2.00 2.50 3.00

70-72 1.67 2.17 2.67

68-69 1.34 1.84 2.34

65-67 1.00 1.50 2.00

64-0 0.00 0.00 0.00

According to Ms. Meyer, weighted GPA is fair gauge of academic success. It is very important in the college application process, and is often looked at on the same level as SAT and ACT scores. Weighted GPA does take into account the difficulty of your classes, which is a much more fair system than unweighted. However, it is imperative to remember that each student learns differently, and worth is definitely not dictated by GPA.

3. What is the reason for the addition of student IDs this year?

Adding IDs to the uniform this year was suggested by the school's resource office, and is deemed one of the best practices for school safety. If there were an emergency, the IDs allow for students and employees to be identified quickly with actual photo recognition. In addition to this, having photo IDs also makes sure that any person not wearing an ID or visitors pass is quickly and easily recognizable as someone who is not supposed to be on our campus.

4. Why did we change our lunch system?

The prior company that served the cafeteria unfortunately went out of business. When looking for a new service, the administration wanted more options as well as healthier choices. Also, the space was restructured to help students move through the line more quickly and efficiently. Ms. Meyer thinks that, so far, the lunch line has been moving more quickly, and that she is happy about the great variety of choices with this new system.

5. Did the sweatpants policy change?

We are still permitted to wear sweatpants during inclement weather. Ms. Meyer will make an announcement if the temperature drops below 20 degrees to permit students to wear sweatpants underneath our skorts.

6. What do you think about the possibility of not enforcing dresses to be worn at the various senior events, as well as our dances?

As long as students maintain the formality required at these events, dress pants, jumpsuits, etc. are permitted. However, because of the tradition surrounding graduation, discussions about changing that dress code would have to be taken to a higher level.

7. Why did we change our sweatshirt policy?

The uniform sweatshirts sold in the Dawghouse are expensive, and a lot of girls asked if the dress code could be expanded to include spiritwear as well, as it was in the 1990s. Changing this policy seemed to be beneficial to everyone, and Ms. Meyer believes the student body looks better now that everyone, for the most part, is wearing SUA apparel.

8. Are there any other uniform clarifications?

SUA sweatshirts (any sold in the Dawghouse the color navy, gray, or light blue) are permitted. The rugby shirts may also be worn. Only seniors may wear the yellow shirts, as this was a decision that had to be made at the administrative level. Navy, black, or gray leggings, not yoga pants, may be worn. Due to safety concerns, no sandals, open-toed shoes, or slippers may be worn. Lastly, the new IDs must be worn at all times, even on out-of-uniform days.

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