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Creative Craft Crushers

As the weather in Cincinnati remains cold, it is the perfect time to get cozy by the fire and spend some time on a DIY project. During the fall season and continuing into the holidays, people have more free time for these unique crafting activities.

At Saint Ursula Academy, girls of all grades participate in Competitive Crafting Club (CCC) and they are passionate about what they do. Junior Reilly Walter has been crafting almost all of her life. Reilly finds joy in crafting because it provides a break from stressful school days. She says, “My days are repetitive: get up, brush teeth, go to school, go home, do homework, and go to bed. And tomorrow [...], it is the same routine.” Competitive Crafting moderator and Educational Services (ES) teacher Ms. Balz loves to craft and notes, “it gives me a chance to be relaxed while also being creative.” Ms. Balz has been crafting since high school, and her projects have evolved from making scrapbooks with her friends and family to decorating her classroom at The Academy.

At this time of the year, Competitive Crafters Reilly and Ms. Balz take part in fall DIYs and holiday crafts. Ms. Balz says that she finds herself crafting around the holidays -- Halloween and Christmas are her favorite because she can always think of something to make. Her favorite fall project is pumpkin painting.“I am always amazed at the different designs the girls of CCC come up with.” Reilly similarly loves painting pumpkins and “making them your own.”

Personally, Ms. Balz enjoys making wreaths. Although, since it is expensive to buy all of the supplies, she only makes them every few years and substitutes different materials to make the wreaths. Our CCC moderator also made homemade ornaments to give as gifts to her family. “I created little winter scenes inside glass ornaments for everyone in my family and I had a lot of fun making them and I think people liked receiving them.”

I thought that I would try a crafting project as well. I bought a wreath from Michael’s for $4.99 and gathered corks at my house from past art projects. I hot-glued the corks around the ring, completing the wreath. This project took about an hour and a half and it was not challenging at all. I actually was pretty relaxed crafting and I enjoyed listening to Christmas music while making the wreath!

Crafting is such a great way to relax and have fun any time of the year. Ms. Balz and Reilly Walter have allowed girls at Saint Ursula Academy to have this artistic outlet with Competitive Crafting Club. ‘Tis the season for Holiday crafts!

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