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New Ice Cream Parlor in Pendleton Park

Although the hot, sunny days of summer are gone, you can still enjoy some delicious ice cream at the new parlor in Pendleton Park (1218 Broadway St, Cincinnati, OH 45202).

It opened on Oct. 4 earlier this year and was established by the Ganim family -- the same family that owns the creamy whip and bakery in Mt. Washington and the parlor in Old Milford.

The current owner, Nick Ganim, shares his family’s story on The Parlor’s website. His great-grandfather emigrated from Germany to Cincinnati and opened his own bakery in the 1950s, which is in present-day Mt. Washington. Not only did he sell tasty pastries and treats, but also soft-serve ice cream that families from all over Cincinnati enjoyed. The Ganims soon opened another parlor in Old Milford because the location is very family oriented.

When designing the new parlor, they wanted to make sure that it retained many of the old-school elements of the first ice cream parlor, but still have an appealing modern and contemporary appearance. So each location has 50s inspired décor and furniture as well as components of modern technology. For example, purchases are made through the use of iPads, and the TVs play movies or old music, including songs from Frank Sinatra. As coffee became more popular, the family decided to introduce locally roasted coffee to their menu to increase the interest of younger customers, but they still maintain their identity as a 50s-style parlor.

The Pendleton Parlor is the first creamy whip in downtown Cincinnati, and when I visited the location, I immediately took notice of the parlor’s fun atmosphere and eclectic decorations. There is a statue of Bumblebee from Transformers in the corner, black leather seats, a rustic American flag, and a flat screen TV that was playing the movie, Rocky. I wanted to try several different items from their flavor menu, so I sampled their soft-serve ice cream, edible cookie dough, and coffee. The chocolate soft-serve was more decadent and smooth than any other textbook soft-serve, and both the chocolate-chip cookie dough and s’mores cookie dough were sweet and rich in flavor. The bitter coffee in the affogato, which is a shot of espresso mixed with ice cream, paired perfectly with the sugar of the vanilla ice cream. The items were a bit pricey compared to the ice cream you can buy at UDF or a fast food restaurant, but it was well worth the cost. And I guarantee you that you will not waste a single spoonful of ice cream. The customer service was also quick and respectful.

I encourage you to take your families and friends out to the Pendleton Parlor to not only indulge in some awesome treats, but to make unforgettable memories with the ones you love while gaining an appreciation of the parlor’s history.

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