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The Dawn of ‘Urban Chic’: Keeping up with Fall Fashion

The long-anticipated weekend is finally here.

You bounce on the edge of your seat while you anxiously wait for the bell to ring. As you look around the classroom, you share a smile with your friend as you both think about the football game you are going to that night and the restaurant you are attending the next. But then your heart starts to race. It is nearly 3 p.m. and you still have not picked out an outfit for either night! What will you wear? Have no fear -- here is an up-to-date report of fall fashion predictions that can ease your panicked feelings.

As the weather cools down, the relevance of denim goes up and becomes a fall must-have.

From Lulus to Urban Outfitters, numerous online stores provide a plethora of options including faux furs to ripped jeans, but it can be hard to know what to pair together. Caroline Farrell ‘18 predicts that oversized sweaters

with mini skirts will be popular this season, while Carly Merk ‘18 advocates for the reappearance of the classic flannel and jean look. With the continued advancement of social media such as Instagram and VSCO, everyone seems to be competing to be the “trendiest” girl with the “cutest” clothes, in the opinion of junior Anna Haught.

However, creating an outfit takes more skill than simply perusing through social media. In order to personalize your wardrobe, you must find unique combinations of items without overwhelming your figure. One way to do so is by complementing a form-fitting top with looser pants. It is also important to note that every outfit needs a “stand-out factor,” which can range anywhere from a tasteful necklace to vibrant jeans. When turning to fabrics, try and experiment by pairing items like velvet joggers with a floral kimono or a bold sequin dress with leather boots. Another piece of advice is to layer lightweight jackets and vests, but avoid the overwhelming addition of thick scarves. Always remember to choose colors that correlate well to your skin tone instead of fabrics that blend in.

While this advice can seem to limit free will in the world of fall fashion, it actually allows girls to embrace their unique spirits by breaking free from expectations. After all, this season is all about creativity and outlandish combinations!


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