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Uniforms at a Cost

Do you ever wonder where your clothes are made or what impact they have on our environment? Yes? It’s great that you are interested in a global fair trade movement towards the promotion of human rights and fair working conditions! If not, though, don’t worry. Either works because Saint Ursula Academy has got you covered - literally and figuratively.

Photos from SUA Yearbook, taken by Elizabeth Geraghty

Marking a period of historic change, SUA has switched to fair trade uniforms this year for all incoming freshman. This change not only improves the lives of individuals worldwide, but it also reminds us to be conscientious about the products we buy daily. Upon reconnecting with Kate Bachman '17, one of the two alumnae who started SUA’s fair trade initiative along with Emilie Kilfoil ‘17, Kate remarked that, “Each day, SUA students get to pull on their skirts with the peace of mind that the person who signed her name on the skirts was given fair compensation for the work that she put in.” Mr. Maliborski, when asked about the importance of a uniform, noted that “most girls like having a uniform because they do not want to worry about what to wear.” He said that “fair trade uniforms promote our values as an institution” and Bachman reflected on how school uniforms are able to “unite students with a common identity” of building a more sustainable and just world simply by choosing to purchase with responsibility.

One note to consider though is that, starting now as a result of this change, students are not permitted to pass down their uniforms from previous years. Are you a junior or senior unsure of what to do with your uniform upon graduation? Look into donating them to The Uniform Project.

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