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SUA Play: Meet Me in Saint Louis

After a long tech week of daily rehearsals, the Saint Ursula Theatre Department put on wonderful performances of Meet Me in Saint Louis at the beginning of April. The cast and crew used the auditorium at Mount Saint Joseph University. The recent shows have been held at this location as the SUA theatre is being renovated during the 2016-2017 school year. The renovation features extended seating, a spacious backstage design, and the reincorporation of the old stage. This will help during hectic times behind the scenes and accommodate for elaborate sets made by the crew. The construction is set to be finished by May 15.

The recent musical showcases a troubled family of seven as they plan to move from their home in St. Louis to New York. The main cast included:

Mrs. Anna Smith: Annalese Cahill ‘19

Mr. Alonzo Smith: Logan Martin ‘20

Esther Smith: Sophia Heller ‘17

Lon Smith: Ryan Smith ‘17

Rose Smith: Laura Wiedemann ‘18

Agnes Smith: Gabi Benintendi ‘20

“Tootie” Smith: Mary Sebastian ‘20

Warren Sheffield: Grant Zentmeyer ‘17

John Truett: Blaise Sweeney

Grandpa Smith: Jack Hodges ‘17

Katie, the Maid: Kate Liesch ‘17

From the class of 2020: Anna Beseli, Lily Paff, Patrick Rogers, Kay Sweeney, Reese Talty, Anna Ackerman, Alex Walter, Lili Krueger, Paige Smith, Christine Moore, Olivia Castelli, Olivia Goble, Liz Hardenbergh, Sydney Wright, Jenna Turner. From the class of 2019: Yulia Feist, Courtney Keesee, Emma Murphy, Emily Olson, Kate Sebastian, Addy Somerville, Shannon Donovan, Maura Donovan, Kara Scullin. From the class of 2018: Olivia Haines, Lizzie Lamping, Alexia Scholl, McKenna Arnold, Isabel Wrolstad, Jess Klus, Margaret Lyon, Cassidy Gebhart, Anya DiFalco, Ava Donofe, Tory Noble, Josie Roe, Kate deJesus. From the class of 2017: Maddie Brennan, Jarod Estes, Braden Perry, Emily Romano, Julia Pucci, Loren Pfeiffer, Kate Perazzo, Maia Bennett, Kieley Doll, Shannon Healey.

The show featured multiple scene changes, soloist singers, and choreographed dances. Kate DeJesus ’18 worked throughout tech week and backstage during each performance of the show to ensure perfect lighting for the musical. “I really enjoyed lighting the show every night and getting the opportunity to see everyone’s performance during the show.” Alycia Schofield ’18 described her experience as the head of the Hair and Makeup Department. “I liked getting the opportunity to lead my crew because it was my first year as a head. I enjoy the hectic atmosphere of getting ready before the show!”

Through preparation for the play and nerves before opening night, the cast and crew of the show grew incredibly close and succeeded in more than just putting on a great performance. Senior from Saint Xavier High School, Jack Smith, said, “Being in Meet Me in Saint Louis didn’t just introduce me to the incredible world of theatre, but introduced to me new layers of myself and help me discover better who I truly am and what makes me great.”

The past shows this year have been, The Miracle Worker, which merited 8 Cappie nominations, including a nomination for "Best Play", The Directing Lab Festival of One Acts and the musical, Meet Me in Saint Louis. Next year, we look forward to the future SUA Theatre productions.

Next year's shows will be announced Sunday, May 7th at the Theatre Banquet, which will be streamed live on Facebook around 12:30pm Sunday.

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