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5 Reasons SUA Will Win Orange and White

As Game Day rolls around the corner, anticipation for another victory at the Orange and White Game ramps up through the halls of Saint Ursula Academy. Here are 5 reasons why SUA should be confident about April 9th:

1. 8 years ago, SUA’s and Ursuline Academy’s student councils planned the Orange and White Game, a flag football game in which SUA and Ursuline Academy would compete, while local Catholic all-boys schools would cheer them on. All the money raised from this event would go to leukemia research. Even though many factors of the Game have changed over the years, including SUA’s opponent, which is now Notre Dame Academy, a major element remains the same: SUA’s winning streak.

2. SUA’s Orange and White team practices a lot. By the time they play the game, the team will have had 14 practice sessions. At each practice, “the team puts forth 100% of our efforts”, says Maria Mentzel ‘17, a defensive back for the team this year. This dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Mary Berding ‘18, one of the Student Council Co-Presidents who has helped organize the Game and is a student coach, notes the team’s dedication “at every practice [she’s] gone to”. Our team of “dedicated girls [...] are eager to give it their all!” adds Annie Emmert ’17, another member of Student Council who works as a student coach. 3. This year, SUA really wants to win. “Last year’s game was super close” recalls Mr. Fleming, one of the co-moderators for the student council who has helped put together the Game this year. Because the team knows the Pandas will be hungry to win this time around, that makes them all the more competitive. “We are an athletic group of girls and we take winning very, very seriously”, says Meredith Haught ’17, another player on the Orange and White Team. Maizie Kastner ’17, her teammate, describes their SUA team as “ruthless. Even though we want to have fun, we want to win.” 4. Many of the players and student council members have been particularly grateful for their coaches, who will give them an edge when they play on April 9th. SUA’s two coaches, Mr. Kiessling and Mr. Mahon, have coached for SUA’s Orange and White Game for 3 years now. They both played football in college and currently coach youth football. “They’ve given so much of their time and energy to craft plays, create a solid roster, and get other coaches to help,” says Mary. Her co-president, Caroline Karswich ‘17, also notes that SUA owes so much to these coaches “who have given up their time to get these girls ready” for the big game. 5. Finally, this game is for “a great cause [and has] the support of the entire SUA community” says Caroline. Regardless of which high school wins, everyone can take pride in knowing how much this event helps the fight against our real opponent: leukemia. “To date we have raised over $41,000 that has gone directly to the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Children’s Hospital” says Mr. Fleming. “Last year we raised the second most amount of money since the first year of the game! I would love to see us build on this momentum!” “It’s amazing to see the senior class come together to support this amazing cause with such dedication and enthusiasm!” says Maria. She is excited “to see the whole school come together on April 9th, and [she] can’t wait to take down some NDA Pandas!” Mary agrees that the Game is a great opportunity for the SUA community to strengthen its school bond and enjoy a great game. The forecast for the Orange and White Game is 72 degrees and sunny, with a beautiful sunset perfect for highlighting another SUA victory come April 9th!

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