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Leftover Halloween Candy Hacks

Being resourceful seems to be what SUA girls do, from wearing skorts multiple days to “conserve water” or bringing blankets to “reduce heating costs.” But when it comes to leftover Halloween candy, this seems to become an afterthought, like saving your cookie until the end of lunch, but then being too full and having to compost it. Luckily there are a more than a few options in disposing of your treats. To list a few activities you can do with your candy:

1. Cook: you can take common goodies such as candy corn and M&M’s and bring one-of-a-kind brownies to Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Paint: submerge your favorite colored skittles into corn syrup for one of a kind paintings. Emily Durbin ’20 says painting with Skittles “is a very cool and creative idea. I love how society is evolving to find new ways to paint.”

3.Create a care package: our soldiers overseas love candy too, and you can send any candy to them but chocolate.

4. Make a Christmas Countdown: count down the days to Christmas while enjoying your candy along the way!

5, Save wrappers to make bags: you can save the environment by reducing waste and reusing what you would just throw away.

6. Save candy to decorate gingerbread houses: why waste your stale candy when you could create a house for little gingerbread men?

7. Donate to nursing homes, Ronald McDonald House, etc: kids who don’t get the same opportunities to go out and get candy really appreciate receiving it.

8. Use to sweeten coffee: instead of going to Starbucks, sweeten your drink yourself by experimenting with different sweets. When asked about using the candy as coffee sweeteners, Cassidy Serger '19, responding by saying, “I’m all for it! I think it’s pretty creative.”

Even though many people feel they are too old to trick or treat, the leftovers that families have from passing out treats to the kids can be put to the same use. Grace Kruis ’19 feels “these are cool ideas, but I would never use many of them.” Though many of these ideas seem a bit of a stretch, consider trying them when the guilt of disposing of all of your favorite candies comes about.

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