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Conquering Food Insecurity

This November at SUA, the title “Food Drive” has been gracing flyers and posters all throughout the halls. This is SUA’s way of helping the needy community around Thanksgiving.

Last year, this same event was titled the “Canned Food Drive,” but this time around, “canned” was removed so that healthier options would be introduced, and less canned foods and random items would be donated. According to, low food security is “reduced quality, variety, or desirability of diet.” Food insecurity means that families do not know where their next meal is coming from, which is particularly dangerous for children.

Ms. Kemper, co-chair of the food drive explains its mission: “We want to increase people’s awareness that it’s important to have other foods besides canned. We also want to make sure that [recipients] have healthier food and a variety of options.”

The system of collecting for the food drive also changed this year “because of construction, and because it got cramped in the advisories,” explains Ms. Kemper. So, instead of advisories competing against each other, grades competed amongst one another, with seniors taking the prize of most cans collected.

“Look for more changes in the food drive next year!” encourages Ms. Kemper. Even more importantly, let’s continue to fight the wave of hunger at SUA with full participation in next year’s Food Drive!

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