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OPINION: Vote for Trump

In this upcoming election, there are two main candidates voters of all ages are focusing on: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is a hard-working, un-corrupt businessman that strives to not only help our economy, but the equality for people overall. It is important that teenagers, especially the 18-year-olds at SUA, know each candidate’s beliefs before checking a box on Election Day. Check the box next to “Donald Trump.” Not only is he knowledgeable in how to run our country financially due to his high-end business background, he also advocates for equal rights, especially toward women, Christian beliefs, and support for our brave US troops.

Equality in the United States is a very important issue that Donald Trump feels very passionate about. He will make sure that all people are subject to the same rights, no matter race, gender or sexual orientation. Recently, some of his past videos have come to light, expressing derogatory remarks about women. Do not be fooled by the media’s bias. Yes, his statements were offensive and uncalled for, but they were also made 11 years ago, and do not reflect the man he is today. He has admitted that what he said was wrong, and has even released a sincere apology showing genuine remorse for his actions. In fact, Donald Trump is far from sexist. When asked about his relationship with women in the workforce in a 2015 interview with ABC, Trump responded: “I was one of the first people in the construction industry to put women in charge of major construction projects and my relationship has been great. I have many executives that are women and doing a phenomenal job.” He also replied that he wholeheartedly believes women are capable of the same quality work as men are, and therefore likes to see them thrive in top positions in his company.

Although he does not openly support LGBT+ marriage, Trump does believe that they should have access to the same rights. Earlier this year, Trump talked on Meet the Press about gender identity issues. He believes that gender identity should be added to anti-discriminatory laws, and that an individual’s sexual orientation should not play a part in choosing to hire or fire someone. Like any Republican, Trump does not discriminate or show malignance to anyone in the LGBT community. He accepts and loves these people just as anyone else.

Like the students at Saint Ursula Academy, faith plays a big part in Donald Trump’s life. He is a born and raised Presbyterian, and continues to attend Marble Collegiate Church in lower Manhattan, just as he did growing up. “I’m a Sunday Church person,” he announces. Though Trump is a Protestant, he is accepting of many religions. His daughter, Ivanka, married a Jewish man, Jared Kushner, and later converted to Judaism in 2009. Trump attended her ceremony and was very supportive of her change, as well as her marriage to Kushner. He claims personal values are more important than spiritual ones. Trump also loves Catholics. While Mother Teresa was being canonized for sainthood, he made a video praising her for the change she has made in the world.

One Catholic fundamental belief Trump believes in is pro-life. He believes that it is the government’s responsibility to protect the rights of citizens, including the unborn. Therefore, like many Catholics, he does not support abortion. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, believes that Catholic beliefs should be “changed” and “expanded.” Numerous quotations from Clinton and her team were found in old emails that bash Christians and their beliefs. Many Catholic organizations are calling on Clinton and her spokespeople to issue an apology. Some are even asking members of her team that were involved to resign. How can our Catholic community support someone who doesn’t even support our major beliefs and teachings?

Finally, the military’s biggest supporter is Donald Trump. In addition to what he wants to reform if he becomes president--increase military spending to support more troops and supply more materials in an effort to keep them safe, rebuilding cyber capacities, etc.-- Trump has shown tremendous support on his social media accounts. Some of his posts include:

Trump has many plans in store for the future of the military and foreign relations. First, he will strengthen the military by rebuilding it. “Our active-duty armed forces have shrunk from 2 million in 1991 to about 1.3 million today,” he said. “The Navy has shrunk from over 500 ships to 272 ships during this same period of time. The Air Force is about one-third smaller than 1991.” If he becomes commander-in-chief, he will make sure he adds to our military forces. He also promises to host a NATO summit in which we will discuss financial commitments with our allies. Finally, he will do a much better job at keeping our troops safe than Clinton or Obama have. He says he will not reveal troop movement or strategy to threatening countries as this has been done in the past and he sees it as a weak military strategy to publicize our movements.

Donald Trump will work hard to better the country and make it an international power once more. He is not affiliated with politics, making him less corrupt politically than any current or previous presidential candidate. He is in this election to “Make America Great Again.” He is intelligent, knows how to manage money well, and has a true love for our wonderful country. A vote for Trump is a vote to make America better and stronger. We are in desperate need for a powerful leader, and Donald Trump is just that.

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