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Dad, the 90’s Called…Your Overalls are Back in, and I Need Them for the Mixer.

SUA’s recent Fall Mixer was a major hit, thanks to the Junior Student Council, and the overwhelmingly popular theme of denim. Scheduled from 7-10pm on Friday night, 8/20, this event required significant preparation, both from adults and students alike. Junior class co-president, Audrey Felton ‘18, relates that finding chaperones, advertising, and ticket sales were the major components of getting the mixer off the ground.

Unsurprisingly, however, coming up with an acceptable, feasible, and likable theme was what needed the most brainstorming. Past themes have included “That 70’s Mixer,” featuring far too many flower crowns, bell bottoms, and round, tinted glasses; “Party in the USA,” which looked more like a sea of red, white, and blue, than of high schoolers, and “The 90’s,” which served as a rude reminder to the chaperoning adults that they indeed are not in high school anymore.

Maggie Breitenstein ’18 is credited with thinking of the denim theme, after much brainstorming with fellow Junior Student Council Members. Though there were a handful of freshmen boys who apparently were too cool to come in theme, most everyone arrived decked in denim. The more ridiculous the outfit, the better; several floor-length jean dresses were sported, as were faded pairs of overalls, jean jackets, rompers, vests, shorts, and hats. The gym was festively strung around with lights, and most everyone approved of the DJ’s music selection, which ranged from the Spice Girls to Walk the Moon.

Whether freshman or senior, all were invited, and I’d wager to say that all enjoyed the Fall Mixer. If not, they must not have worn enough denim.

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