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The Spring Musical: Cinderella

This spring, Saint Ursula Academy is performing Cinderella. First shown in 1957, this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic is sure to please crowds when it appears onstage April 22nd- 24th at Mt. St. Joseph University. The stage-adapted version performed by Bulldogs this year is sure to be a success.

According to Ally Landrum ‘19, the cast and crew of Cinderella have been working especially hard to make this play a success. “It’s at Mt. St. Joseph. It’s a huge deal!” She states that the crew has been practicing four nights a week, while the cast works all five. Ally is a member of the props crew, and she helped create the scenery that contributes to the play’s magical and romantic atmosphere. She loves Cinderella because “the main love story is super cute, but so is the story with the king and queen. It’s just a really cute and charming story.”

Another member of the props crew is Maura Donovan ‘19. When asked why she loved the show, she responded, “I mean, it’s Cinderella. Also, the stepsisters are hilarious and I love them.” Her sister, Shannon Donovan ’19, is also on the props crew. Both are working hard to make this show a success.

The star of the show, Sophia Heller ‘17, is portraying the legendary character Cinderella. She says this is a fun role, and that she has especially enjoyed the costumes. She even tried on four wedding dresses. She likes this play because “it’s mainly a comedy. Almost all of the characters are hilarious.” She confirms that a ton of work is going into this play. Two weeks prior to the play, she says that they “will practice from 4 to 9 pm four days a week. The week right before the play, they go 4 to 10 pm.” That is a lot of time! However, she does enjoy these rehearsals and says that they are fun. A ton of work is going into this production, and it’s sure to be a success!

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