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Illegal to Walk and Text at the Same Time?

The New York, Arkansas, and New Jersey state governments are trying to pass a law banning texting while crossing the street. New Jersey, with a shocking total of 170 deaths due to texting and walking, is debating a $50 fine and up to 15 days in jail for this potential offense. If similar laws are further passed in New York, Illinois, Nevada, and Arkansas, the fine would be $250. Pamela Lampitt serves in the New Jersey General Assembly and proposed this bill with the hope of improving the safety of those walking around. Grace Kruis ‘19 thinks this law is unnecessary. Audrey Peters ‘19 can’t believe someone is actually passing a law about it.

However, injuries resulting from cell phone usage have more than doubled over the past five years. People simply don’t pay attention to where they are going, and are thus repeatedly walking out into traffic. One outstanding incident occurred in La Cresecenta, CA, when a man texting his boss almost walked right into a bear! In Reading, PA a woman walked right into a mall’s fountain, was recorded by security cameras, and became an internet sensation when the footage was posted online. Humiliated, she tried to sue, but was unsuccessful. What do you think of this new law?

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