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SUA’s 2nd Annual Giving Gallery is Gearing Up

This year in the beginning of May, the SUA Art Event Committee is organizing the second annual Giving Gallery. The gallery sells artwork, coffee, baked goods, and small artwork made by St. Ursula Academy students. All the proceeds will go to the Hero Design Company, also called Capes for Kids, which is run by ArtWorks. The purpose of this organization is to create specialized superhero capes to deliver to hospitalized children.

The Giving Gallery offers a chance for students to display their artwork and an opportunity to donate to a deserving local organization that promotes healing through the aid of the arts, as well as support for talents and diversity of artists at Saint Ursula Academy. Last year, the Giving Gallery was created by Claire Crispen ’15 with the help of art teacher, Mr. Nicaise.

Claire was motivated to start this project because, in her words, “it really speaks to the spirit that differentiates SUA from other high schools.” This year’s gallery is to be carried on again by Mr. Nicaise and students Elizabeth Geraghty ’18, Shannon Healey ’17, Therese Kondash ’17, and Katie Strickland ’17.

As an SUA student, you can participate in your community by supporting the gallery. Students may submit artistic pieces, donate food or drinks, sell their own art pieces, buy work by fellow classmates, or just come and observe.

If you would like to be involved in the 2016 Giving Gallery, contact:

Mr. Nicaise (

Katie Strickland (

Therese Kondash (

Shannon Healey (

Elizabeth Geraghty (

For more information about Capes for Kids,

watch this video:

Photos provided by Shannon Healey '17.

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