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Top Ten Snow Day Routines to Try

If you are like me and would do almost anything to get a day off school, here are some routines to try to boost our odds. With so many out there, I didn't even know where to start. A top ten list seemed like the best option. This list was compiled from the knowledge of teachers, students, and administrators. The top ten snow routines are:

10. Leave ice-cubes on porch. Any amount will do, but they have to stay out there

overnight in order to summon the snow.

9. Visualize the day off. Many people would agree that if you say something is going to happen - it does. Visualizing has similar properties.

8. Sing Christmas songs. This helps to bring about the Christmas spirit and everyone knows that snow and Christmas supposedly go hand in hand.

7. Wear clean underwear on your head. Only clean because otherwise it would be gross.

6. Flush a cup of ice in the toilet. It's important to measure out a whole cup.

5. Roll the sleeves of your pajamas back. The sleeves have to be rolled back three times.

4. Put a white crayon in the freezer. Snow is frozen and white and putting the crayon in the freezer colors the outside.

3. Pajama top inside out and backwards. This one is just a classic.

2. Spoon under pillow. I'm not sure why, but everyone does it.

1. Snow dance. Break out those dance moves and jam out like there is no tomorrow.

While collecting these, I sat down with PE: Team Sports teacher Mrs. Perry and she had some good stories to tell. The craziest snow routine she had heard was of wearing a pair of clean underwear on your head. She was reluctant to admit that she had indeed tried it herself. She doesn't know how accurate any of her rituals are, but she sure does have fun doing them. Part of her routine is getting everything due the next day done, as not to jinx it, and planning her classes' snow day homework. She thinks that it's really important to have fun and enjoy the snow. Her students’ homework includes a set of options: they can either choose to shovel their own driveway or a neighbor’s, or they can go out and play in the snow. Either way they must take a picture of what they do. If for some reason they can't go outside, they have to work out inside and spend time with their family. To help bring a snow day, she also has each class take part in a snow dance.

Mrs. Perry brought a new perspective to snow days. In her opinion, they are meant to be a time to be with your family and friends. Many people get so caught up in watching Netflix that they forget how much fun snow days can be."Snow is fun, I love it!" she concludes. It could do us all some good to embrace this.

I also met up with Mrs. Bacon. As our school attendance officer, you would think that she gets all kinds of crazy excuses regarding snow. This is actually not the case though. She said most of the girls are honest and own up to being late. She did have one interesting story to share as to why a student was late. The student claimed that she couldn't make it to school because her car doors were frozen shut! Mrs. Bacon doesn't really take part in many snow routines though. She knows of a few, such as a spoon under the pillow and pajamas inside out, but doesn’t partake in them.

To finish it off, I asked Josie Buendia '19 her thoughts on snow days. She can be found singing Christmas songs the night before to "summon the Christmas spirit." She also visualizes being off the next day because she believes that you have to be confident it will happen. She isn’t sure how effective these are, but she enjoys doing them. She agreed that they are routines everyone should do.

Whether or not these routines work every time, they sure are fun. Maybe the reason you don't get off school even though you did them is because other people weren’t doing them. That's something to think about. Make sure that you get a big group together next time. Dedication is key in these situations. The next time you are deciding if you should do them or not, think about everyone else your decision is impacting. Let's not be selfish with our snow days.

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